About us

We hold regular Group Meetings with guest speakers, usually on the second Tuesday of the month at St Mary's Church Hall in Twickenham.  

We host informal coffee meet-ups, again usually in Twickenham.

We encourage anyone interested to attend any of these events.  They are a welcoming and supportive, social environment for people to discuss diabetes and its effects.  

We also attend local fairs such as Richmond May Fair and Twickenham's HANDS Charities Fair.  Please join us there or offer to help out if you would like to do so.

We work closely with our local healthcare providers such as the wonderful team at Teddington Memorial Hospital.


How Do You Join?

Just come along to one of the meetings and give your contact details to Paul Gilbert, Hela Dryja, Trish Abram or any of the other committee members there. We will ensure that you are contacted with details of future meetings and events.

Alternatively send an email to dukrt@outlook.com or call us on 07561 840563 and leave us a message.

Your contact details will not be used for any other purpose than to let you know about Group news and events.

Membership is free.

Committee Members 2018/2019

Chair        Paul Gilbert

Secretary  Hela Dryja

Treasurer  Trish Abram

Member    Raffaella Balena

Member    Marc Cranfield-Adams

Member    Catherine Gilvarry

Member     Nigel Oakley

Member     Elizabeth Raven-Hill