2018 AGM - great news, the group continues...

There was a real buzz in the air at Tuesday's AGM when over 30 people attended and voted in a new committee of eight members, the largest the group has ever had. The following people were elected en bloc and they will decide on officers when they first meet.

Trish Abram, Raffaella Balena, Marc Cranfield-Adams, Hela Dryja, Paul Gilbert, Catherine Gilvarry, Nigel Oakley and Elizabeth Raven-Hill.

A ninth member may be co-opted too, all in all a great result when there was a real danger of the group's collapse. Many thanks for stepping forward to save the day. With their enthusisam and broad range of interests in the diabetes field we are in for an exciting year ahead.

Matthew Wilde gave a very interesting talk before the  AGM business began on Monitoring, Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia. The audience was reluctant to let him go, there were so many questions.

Then, to top it all, Perminder Tamana, on behalf of Twickenham Rotary, handed over a cheque for £200. A great start to our fundraising programme for 2018. Many thanks to you, Perminder and your colleagues.