Additional speaker at Tuesday 14th March Open Meeting

I am pleased to tell you that in addition to Mr Barry Coppock who will be speaking about strokes, we have Ms Nimo Omer, a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and LTC lead (Diabetes) with Richmond Wellbeing Service who will be talking about a new service specifically for people with diabetes.  She says

‘Diabetes and mental health difficulties are common; up to one third of people with diabetes experience moderate to severe levels of depression, anxiety or both which can lead to deterioration of self - care or the management of diabetes which includes missing appointments, not taking medication and eating erratically. We know that depression in particular is associated with poor glycaemic control, diabetes complications as well as increased risk of mortality (Winkey et al 2012).

 As part of Richmond Wellbeing service, we are excited to launch ' Living well with diabetes'  - an effective psychological 10 week treatment programme tailored specifically for people diagnosed or living with diabetes. The programme will allow individuals not only to better understand their diabetes and ways to better manage their condition including self-care but will also learn specific psychological tools to manage sadness, worry, anxiety and stress related to their condition.’

The programme begins on 4th April. If you think you may benefit from this new service then do join us tomorrow evening to learn more about it and perhaps complete a referral form. 

If you cannot make the meeting then please contact Nimo on 0208 548 5550 or

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow