Group Meeting - Mon 22nd March 7pm - Guest Speaker Michelle Lam, Diabetes Specialist Pharmacist

Please see below for an excerpt from our March newsletter with details of our upcoming meeting

Diabetes UK Richmond and Twickenham Group Newsletter

March 2021

Thank you to everyone who called into our meeting/AGM last month.  We had a very good turnout despite me sending out the wrong Zoom link in one of my emails (apologies!).  We enjoyed an excellent presentation from Diabetes UK’s Director of Operations, Colette Marshall, on Diabetes UK’s strategy and work through the pandemic.  If anyone missed the talk and would like to watch a video of it, please reply to this email and we will send you a link.


Our next meeting is on Monday 22nd March at 7pm.  Our speaker will be Michelle Lam, who is a Diabetes Specialist Pharmacist and Senior Clinical Pharmacist  The title of her talk will be “Update on Diabetes Medications & What More Can They Do In Addition to Lowering Your Blood Sugars”.    Michelle currently works with Primary Care Networks (GPs etc) in Wimbledon, having previously worked in hospitals.  I have included the Zoom link below.  I will put it on our website and send a reminder just before the meeting.  Everyone is welcome to join us, as usual, and we look forward to another good turnout for what should be a very interesting talk. 


 One thing we mentioned  - and apologised for - at our AGM is that we have not been sending hard copies of our email updates to those people who had requested us to do so.  We are remedying that this month and will try in future to produce a monthly newsletter in this form (with hard copies) and then occasional brief emails in between as necessary.


Looking ahead, it seems our meetings will be virtual for a while yet and the local spring/summer fairs which we usually attend are mostly canceled again this year.  Like everyone else, we look forward to a more normal situation returning at some point, after which we should be able to resume some physical meetings, perhaps alternating those with the electronic versions are currently operating.


Upcoming Meetings, Links and Other Information

Monday 22nd March, 7pm,  our DUKRT Monthly Meeting

Speaker:  Michelle Lam, “Update on Diabetes Medications & What More Can They Do In Addition to Lowering Your Blood Sugars”

Zoom link:

Or by telephone: 0203 051 2874, 0203 481 5237,  0203 481 5240 or 0203 901 7895 

Meeting ID: 813 4816 4144,  Passcode: 498481