Headline results of 2016 Diabetes Services survey in the borough of Richmond

Many thanks if you were one of the people who completed  Hounslow & Richmond Community Health Trust's survey of diabetes services sent out in October last year. We thought you may be interested in the results outlined below.

Diabetes patient survey

Headline results  December 2016

•68 responses in total

•Of which 26% type 1 and 74% type 2

•44% reported only seeing the GP for their diabetes treatment, 21% GP and TMH and 21% only TMH

•87% attended last annual check up, but 13% did not attend annual check up because they were not invited

•72% of respondents said they were very or fairly involved in their care plan, but 25% said that they didn’t have a care plan

•77% rated their GPs knowledge of diabetes good or very good

•52% said they found Lifestyle advice from GP helpful, but 31% did not receive any

•70% reported that there is a healthcare professional they can get support from if worried

•31% said they often feel anxious or depressed

• The Average satisfaction with diabetes care was 8.5 out of 10

•89% said they were very or fairly confident in managing their own diabetes

•64% said they more or less knew enough about their condition to manage it well and 27% said they definitely did

•32% have accessed wellbeing services, 20% said they didn’t want to and 29% said they were not aware of any

•57% of respondents have attended an education session, but 25% said they have not been invited

HRCHT are working on improving local services and expect to follow up with more surveys throught the coming year once the services are up and running.

We plan to include Dr Nick Jackman, who came to talk to us last year about Outcome Based Commissioning, in our speakers' programme this year so that he can update us on what will be happening to diabetes services in the near future.