Improvements to local NHS diabetes services 2017

You may recall that we had a visit in March 2016 from Dr Nicholas Jackman and Helen Church, diabetes specialist nurse, when they spoke about OBC (outcome based commissioning), a review of current diabetes services for people in the borough and how you could be involved. Last month we posted headline results of the 2016 Diabetes Services survey incorporating your feedback.

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust has now released the following information.

A group of local diabetes experts including GPs, diabetes specialist nurses and patient representatives, has been working together to develop a new “patient pathway” for diabetes patients in the borough. A "patient pathway" is the route that a patient will take from their first contact with the NHS - usually through their GP - through referral, to the completion of their treatment.

The new patient pathway in Richmond will help local people with diabetes to get easier and more convenient access to high quality diabetes care, closer to home – instead of having to travel to their nearest hospital. It aims to ensure patients receive improved diabetes care and access to local services, whilst achieving long term reductions in diabetes related hospital admissions.

Range of improvements

As part of the range of improvements being introduced, diabetes care will be delivered through clinics held in local hubs within the areas where people live. Patients will be able to either receive their care from specialist community diabetes teams, locally - rather than in an acute hospital - or to access more of their care directly from their own GP.   

As a result, patients will benefit from more convenient, consistent and well-managed care for their diabetes, with their GP overseeing the routine management of their condition. Patients who are currently referred to hospitals for their diabetes care outpatient care, who do not need to be, will be referred back to their GP or a local hub wherever possible.

In addition, a telephone and email advice line is being introduced for Richmond patients and clinicians to support people with diabetes to manage the condition more effectively. 

So if you are worried about your diabetes

phone 020 8714 4070

or email

Diabetes psychological support service

People with long term health conditions, including diabetes, commonly experience mental health problems such as depression and anxiety - which can affect both their quality of their life and how they manage their condition.

Alongside the improvements being made to the Richmond diabetes service, Richmond Wellbeing Service is now offering a psychological support service tailored for people with diabetes in the borough, as part of an 18 month trial.

If you are a diabetes patient and feel you would benefit from a referral to the psychological support service from Richmond Wellbeing Service – please speak to your GP in the first instance and bring with you this form to complete with your GP.