Roles and Responsibilities - what is done behind the scenes


NB A number of individuals could share out these responsibilities and not necessarily be members of the formal Committee


To ensure the smooth running of the group and lead the activities of the group, to chair meetings and to act as a local representative of Diabetes UK as appropriate.


·         To chair group meetings, committee meetings and Annual General Meetings.

·         To work with the group committee to plan and coordinate the group’s activities.

·         To ensure the group is run in accordance with the Diabetes UK Local Group Agreement.

·         To approve agendas for committee meetings and the group meetings.

·         Ensure the committee and group is up to date with news and developments within Diabetes UK.

·         Welcome speakers and new members to group meetings.

·         Ensure the correct procedures are followed at Annual General Meetings and deliver the Chair’s report.

·         Ensure the group is represented by an appropriate member of the group at meetings of other organisations in the group’s local area such as patient forums of local NHS bodies.

  • Give talks about diabetes to local organisations e.g. AGE UK, Rotary, BME groups and St John Ambulance.
  • Speak at local DESMOND educational sessions

·         Act as a spokesperson or identify someone else from the group to act as a spokesperson with the local media.

  • Act as a cheque signatory for the group.
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer compile and return any reports required by Diabetes UK.


  • Good organisational skills and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Good communication and listening skills.
  • Leadership skills and experience of running meetings.
  • Ability to motivate others and involve them in the work of the group.
  • Able to delegate tasks to others.
  • Awareness of responsibilities to Diabetes UK under charity law.

Becoming a member of Diabetes UK (free membership can be provided upon request once volunteer is in post)


To provide administrative and secretarial support to the group including arranging meetings and to ensure effective communication between Diabetes UK and the group and to act as the main point of contact for members of the public interested in joining the group.

This post could be shared by a number of Committee members if need be.


  • To ensure that information from Diabetes UK is passed on and acted on by relevant members of the committee and the group.
  • To ensure that Diabetes UK is kept informed of group details including key contacts and meeting places when information changes using the Groups Information Sheet.
  • To deal with group correspondence.
  • To act as a cheque signatory for the group.
  • To maintain a membership list.
  • To maintain a mailing list of local contacts.
  • To respond to queries from members of the public wishing to join the group
  • To provide support for committee meetings and Annual General Meetings including preparing the agenda with the chair and taking minutes.
  • To keep a record of past group meeting minutes including making notes of open meetings to put on our website and include in the next newsletter
  • To identify and book venues for meetings, book speakers and produce the annual programme.
  • To keep the group website and its domain name subscription up to date.
  • To work with the committee and members to publicise the group locally includingcreating and co-ordinating the distribution of flyers, trifold leaflets, business cards etc
  • In conjunction with other committee members, to agree information to be included in the newsletter.
  • To produce and distribute the newsletter via email and post where appropriate


  • Good organisational and administrative skills (i.e. producing minutes, maintaining records and organising meetings).
  • Ability to work as part of a team and able to delegate tasks to others.
  • Good communication and listening skills.
  • I.T. skills to produce the newsletter and to manage group activities online.


To ensure the financial security and stability of the Group.


  • To maintain records of income and outgoings, and reconcile these against Bank Statements
  • To advise the Committee of legal requirements and financial opportunities
  • To prepare financial reports for the Committee, the AGM, and the End of Year report for Diabetes UK
  • To hold Banking documents such as Cheque and Paying-in books, and organise signatories etc.
  • To pay receipts into the Bank and issue cheques, and hold Petty Cash
  • In conjunction with the Chair compile and return any reports required by Diabetes UK



  • To be the named person who has completed Diabetes UK’s on line safeguarding course  and takes responsibility for the safeguarding of members


  • To become familiar with all Diabetes UK  requirements of groups


  • To attend various Diabetes UK meetings eg networking days


  • To be a key holder for St Mary’s Church Hall, opening and locking up at each meeting
  • To set out furniture for members and guest speaker(s).
  • To set up sound system/projector, laptop, leads etc whatever may be required by the speaker NB The Secretary currently uses her laptop and borrows a projector. The group will need to borrow or buy its own in the future.
  • To be responsible for bringing and serving refreshments
  • To bring an attendance list for completion by members
  • To welcome, circulate and socialise with members particularly new ones


  • To store and run the library, updating it with new books, Diabetes UK leaflets etc
  • To bring the library and set it out at open meetings
  • To chase overdue books
  • To take a selection of Diabetes UK literature to summer fairs


  • To store assorted group owned items eg Richard and Rodney Splat the Rat equipment, several differently sized tables to take to fairs etc, tablecloths, collection boxes, gazebo.


To recruit members to join in fundraising activities e.g. Kew Rotary Ramble, supermarket collections, summer fairs


  • To book and arrange payments for local fairs, attendance as agreed by the Committee
  • To set up and take down gazebo, tables, literature, run Splat The Rat,
  • To help run the stall during the fair


  • To agree at Committee a programme of collections and arrange them with local supermarkets
  • To put together a rota of volunteers for each two hour collecting period
  • To encourage members to collect for national Diabetes UK collections e.g. Big Collection at Tescos


  • To store second-hand books, CDsand
  • To record sales and pay monies into the group’s bank account


  • To run raffles at Open meetings, fairs, events etc including sourcing prizes (from eg local shops), tickets, and accounting for proceeds (usually advising the Treasurer and paying into our bank account)


  • To organise an annual quiz night, drawing in other people as necessary, including booking a venue, supper if needed, publicity, questions and answers, etc.
  • Organise regular coffee meet-up dates for members


  • Spend time developing local networks to attract more members e.g. give promotional material to local chemists, GPs, hospital clinics, slimming clinics, churches mosques etc, other organisations and charities that have local networks e.g. the Stroke Association (stroke clubs) or The British Heart Foundation  (cardiac support groups).
  • Create a welcome pack for new members to be sent to them when they join
  • Have a Welcome Team of people to welcome people when they come to the Open Meetings
  • Be more proactive about seeking feedback from members as to what they would like to see in the group e.g. which speakers, how can we improve the meetings, should we have an ideas box at each meeting? Would you like a list of suggested topics for the forthcoming year’s programme and you choose your top three. Those topics with the most ticks go into the planned programme of events
  • Promoting the group more actively via e.g. local press website, social media etc

Reasonable expenses for running the Group can be met from Group funds.

Diabetes UK has a helpful website with specific information for local Groups accessible from the Group Portal: it offers guidance and templates covering many subjects.

17 Jan 2018